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The year 1968 saw major developments in the Vietnam War.
US troop numbers peaked in 1969 with President Johnson approving an increased maximum number of US troops in Vietnam at 549,500. 
1969 was the most expensive in the Vietnam war and also became the deadliest for America and its allies.
SLP 1968 classmates who served enlisted after graduation or were drafted soon thereafter.  
We will honor all at the reunion with a simple listing of name, branch of service, and if deceased, date of death.
Our IN MEMORY OF page lists classmates who were lost in action.  
Our IN MEMORY OF page also lists classmates who served and made it home, only to later pass away.  
If you know of others not already listed, please add them on that page and on this page. 
Thankfully, many who served are here with us today.  

Please add all names of all of our SLP Class of 1968 veterans here.
We honor all of you.
Generously donated to our reunion website by
John Amiott
USAF '67-'70
Counter Intelligence